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Enjoy fast, secure, and high-definition video meetings with rich features such as chat, file sharing, screen sharing, and many more

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Video Conference Features

Group Conference

Enjoy browser-based multi-user conferences without downloading any app.

In-Built Chat

Share links and notes with our real-time chat feature on the go.

Screen Sharing

Need to show something important during the conference? Share your screen instantly.

File Sharing

Now you can share any media file of your choice on the go during video conferences.


Use the collaborative whiteboard to share your ideas. Draw, write & download as an image.


Easily record the meeting along with the screen and whiteboard, directly into your device.

Device Selection

Choose which device and video quality work best for you before and after joining a meeting.

End-to-End Encryption

The video meetings are end-to-end encrypted so that you can relax and enjoy the meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you are logged into the system, navigate to the dashboard and create a new meeting. Then, click and the Start link and Join the meeting. When the browser prompts for media permission, then approve it. You should be inside the video meeting now.

Invite someone by clicking on the share icon. When they enter the same meeting ID as yours, you both will be connected. Enjoy rich features such as chat, screen sharing, file sharing, etc.

You can send the meeting invite email from the dashboard or once you join the meeting, you can share the link in just one click from the meeting option buttons.
Make sure you have the media device attached and the browser is not blocked by your device settings. The best way is to test your media device online.
Make sure you both are in the same meeting. If you are the host, check the dialog in the upper right corner where you can accept the participant's request.
The meetings are end-to-end encrypted. In addition, the host can set a meeting password, can decide who joins the meeting, and can kick participants out of the meeting. Which makes the meeting very secure.
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